Our Story

We connect business’ with reputable printers and the finest merchandise products.

We are an Australian based eCommerce start-up with a mission to simplify a complex and time consuming process of sourcing and designing on brandable products.

Masoud Ziba

Founder & Ceo

I created PromoPeer with a vison to innovate a tired and outdated print industry. Every facet of the buying experience, from finding printers to finding the right product needed a complete overhaul to enable marketers, business owners, and time-strapped professionals to create awesome products that actually promotes their brand. That’s why I created PromoPeer.

Simplify your printing process with PromoPeer.

PromoPeer is a transparent B2B marketplace platform that makes it dead simple to work with multiple print providers all around Australia & New Zealand to fulfill and send your branded merchandise.

Check out why we’re different.

The Only Print Provider network

Save money by buying directly from our supplier network. Don’t be stung with 50%+ profit margins from middle distributors! Access thousands of custom products from t-shirts, bags, drinkware, headwear, homeware, and much more.

Curated Products

Instead of the usual promotional junk, we scour the world for amazing products that you would be proud to have your brand on. Our commitment to high quality products, exclusive brands and global partnerships, make us your preferred destination to tailor and create brandable products that’s functional, unique and stylish.

Top of the line decorators 

You'll notice the difference in decoration quality when you shop through the platform. Our vetted decoration partners have just about every  decoration method imaginable at their disposal, so you can be confident that your company logo is applied to your product in the best way possible.

Brands You Love

We pride ourselves in offering top quality selections from all the leading brands in apparel and accessories. When you shop with PromoPeer you have your pick of thousands of products from over 100 brands. You simply won’t find that kind of selection of quality, customisable products anywhere else.

What we stand for

We believe in challenging the status quo of the printing & promotional products industry. Our industry must keep pace with the enhanced buying experience other channels are providing to stay relevant.

We believe there is a better way to connect print services with retail brands.

We believe that time is the most valuable thing, so we try to do everything possible to make print eCommerce as simple as possible.

We believe we can positively change the eCommerce printing industry.

We refuse to accept outdated products, outdated methods, and outdated procedures.