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Future of Promopeer

The only marketplace for brandable products.

We keep churning our brains to make PromoPeer as powerful as it can get. The grounds that we are going to cover in the near future will leave you baffled, only to regret why you didn't find us before. The future of PromoPeer is limitless.

Tender Bidding

Don't have time to look for suppliers? Create a tender for larger requirements to streamline the search, compare, and quote process by creating a single requirement for which multiple vendors can provide bids.

Augmented Reality

See the prints on your unbranded-shirt or mug come to life, when viewed from a smartphone camera.

Real-time Virtual Sampling

Our platform will provide real-time virtual samples with your design shown on ALL catalogue products instantly!

Advanced Product Design Tools

Be it decorating apparel, signage or a promotional product, the PromoPeer online product design tool can accomplish it with ultimate perfection. Customisation features that keep you engaged and have fun designing your products. We give you the option to play around with artworks, clipart's, text effects and other design elements.